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What to Bring & Expect

Equipment to Bring

Comfortable seat cushion for tree Stand  ~  Gun/Ammunition  ~  Hunting license, (if out of country hunter, ensure the license is from the state you reside in)

Warm clothing  ~  Rubber boots  ~  Flashlight  ~  Batteries  ~  No-scent spray

Flagging tape  ~  Rain gear  ~  Large cooler  ~  Fishing gear  ~  Rubber surgical gloves  ~  Sharp knives  ~  ThermaCELL

What to Expect


Beautiful accommodations  ~  Six-night fully guided hunt  ~  Limit of 4-6 hunters per week/guide  ~  Transportation to and from hunting sites. (fully Guided)

Hunting Licenses  ~  Fishing Licenses  ~    Ice  ~  Laundry facilities 

Please visit for full details on accommodations and what you should bring


Hunting Regulations

Out of Country Hunters: You are required to import your guns at Canada Customs. There is a fee (approximately $25). You may acquire the firearm declaration forms prior to your arrival in Canada, but do not sign them until you are in the presence of a Canada Customs Agent. These forms are available by calling 1-800-731-4000. or on line by visiting: Firearms Importation Form 909 etc.

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