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Agnew Lake Lodge Outfitter for MWU's #37 & #39


The Guided Hunt includes:

transport to and from stands; stand set-up; bear tracking; retrieval; gutting and skinning; walk-in cooler storage

per hunter paid directly to The Guide

(Residents of Ontario do not require a Tag)

Non - Residents must contact us for a Tag (limited availability)

Spring Bear Hunt : May 1 to June 15

Fall Bear Hunt: August 15 to October 31

whitetail deer online image.jpg


The Hunt includes:
Access to Wildlife Management Units,

All weapons : November 4 to November 17th

#37 Muzzle-loading Guns & Bows: December 2nd to 8th

Moose Online Image.jpg

Access to Wildlife Management Units,

Tags are determined & distributed to us by the MNR.

All hunters are welcome to be entered into our Moose Tag Lottery drawn in the Spring of the Hunting Year.

Tag can only be used in the WMU it was designated for.

Tag - Gun Season : October 12 - November 15

Bow Tag - Bow Season: September 22 - October 11



Small Game Season Sept 15-Dec 31

**Hunting dogs welcome!**

Ruffed Grouse/Spruce Grouse :

 Combined Daily Limit 5 / Possession Limit 15

Sharp Tailed Grouse:

WMU #37: Daily Limit 2/Possession 6

WMU #39: Daily Limit 5/Possession 15

Ring-necked Pheasant :

Daily Limit 10/ Possession 10

Gray (Hungarian) Partridge:

WMU #39: Daily Limit 5/ Possession 15

Double - Crested Comorant: Daily Limit 15/ Possession No Limit


Furbearing Mammals

 (Harvested under Small Game License)

Cottontail & European Hare : WMU #37: Sept 15th- Mar 31st 

Combined Daily Limit 5 / Possession Limit 15

Snowshoe(Varying) Hare : Sept 15th - Mar 31st

 Daily Limit 5/Possession 15

Gray(Black) & Fox Squirrel : Sept 15th - Dec 31st

 Combined Daily Limit 5/ Possession 15

Raccoon & Opossum: Oct 5th - Jan 31st

Weasel :  Oct 25th - last day FEB

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable. Space is held for you and this means turning others away. Deposits are transferable if you have someone else to take your place, we will do our best to assist in finding a replacement. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance if you are coming from out of Canada. 

Unused Tags

There is no replacement for unused tags. If a hunt is unsuccessful you will need to apply for another tag.


No refunds will be made for canceled hunts for any reason. No rate reductions or extra days will be given if hunters leave before the conclusion of the hunt or if they fail to arrive on prearranged dates. We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event you are unable to make your trip due to work, injury, illness, or death. Refunds are not granted for weather delays, area or season closures.

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