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We love the outdoors

The beautiful wilderness that surrounds the property at Agnew Lake Lodge provides an excellent diet and ecosystem to attract and raise some of the best Ontario black bears and creates extraordinary Canadian bear hunting experiences.

When we are guiding hunting groups and creating the unforgettable experience that is Ontario black bear hunting, we limit ourselves to four hunters per guide per week. 

We strive to make this a unique, personalized experience and to ensure each hunter can harvest a trophy. With the abundance of black bears in Ontario, we can boast high success rates and facilitate the hunt of a lifetime. If you are looking for a fun, exciting and memorable Canada black bear hunting adventure, then look no further.

Give us a call 705-869-2239 or email us for availability.

First time hunters from the United States SHOULD obtain their license in person at a Ministry of Natural Resources Office for faster processing. On-line applications can take up to 15 days for processing

Hunter accreditation for non-residents

You must file your hunter accreditation with the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service before you can purchase any non-resident hunting products.

Before you file your hunter accreditation, you must:

1. Create an online account

2. Buy an Outdoors Card

3. File your accreditation

Submit an original or certified copy of your hunter accreditation through one of the following:

By email to We will process your accreditation within 15 business days. This method allows you to buy hunting products online before you go hunting. In person at a participating Service Ontario or licence issuer location. This method allows you to buy hunting products in person and hunt immediately. Your hunter accreditation will be forwarded to the ministry for processing. If your hunter accreditation is not in English or French, you must get it translated.

After you file: Once your hunter accreditation in on file, you can purchase products: online. through our automated phone line at 1-800-288-1155

at a licence issuer or at a participating Service Ontario location.

Acceptable hunter accreditation:

Non-residents must provide proof of hunter accreditation from a recognized jurisdiction.

Examples of acceptable proof of hunter accreditation include:

a hunting licence issued to you after January 1, 1968, by a competent authority that allows you to hunt in that jurisdiction as a resident

a hunter education certificate issued to you after January 1, 1968, by a competent authority which indicates that you were, or are, authorized to purchase a hunting licence in that jurisdiction


Below is the link for requirements of bring your meat/trophy back into the US


Agnew Lake Lodge, established in 1936, has a long history of successful hunts. Although some years are better than others, an average of 80 - 90 % success rate is normal.

Most bear hunting is done out of a pre-built tree stand. A cleared viewing area in a direct line from the tree stand is used to bait the bears. Bear baiting is done in different ways; each guide has his/her own preference. 

Bear hunting is an exciting sport. Although sometimes the baited bear hunt is put in a negative spotlight , it is not as easy as it seems. Sitting in your stand, adrenalin starts rushing when branches around you are crunching , and a bear starts circling the baited area without showing himself. Never knowing if or where it will appear , or the uncertainty whether there is one or more bears in the area. Patience is like with any other type of hunting a winning factor.

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