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The Guide

Born and raised in Webbwood, rural Northern Ontario. Nick began his love of the great outdoors by helping his father on their trap line when he was 12 years old. This hard work filled his days and he grew up with a deep love and respect for the rugged Northern wilderness. The family trapline began in the early 80s and spans over 3 different Wildlife Management Areas, keeping the animal populations from being over harvested. A wide range of animals are harvested from the family trapline, including beaver, lynx, mink, martin, coyotes, and wolves. Nick is part of the Ontario Fur Managers Association based out of Sault Ste. Marie ON and the Northbay Fur Harvesters.


Nick is a dedicated outdoorsman who is passionate about fishing and hunting. With so many fabulous lakes in his backyard the fishing possibilities are endless – year round! Nick can also provide fishing guide services, and in the winter months enjoy some great ice fishing by renting one of his ice huts. When he’s not busy guiding fishermen or hunters, Nick enjoys hunting moose, bear, deer and grouse here in Northern Ontario, and recently began turkey hunting in Southern Ontario.


Nick lives in the small town of Webbwood. He is also an entrepreneur, recently getting licensed to be a Bait Harvester, and has run his own small business. McTwin Baits, for many years. When not working, Nick has been a volunteer firefighter for the last 15 years and recently was elected Vice-President of the Massey Agricultural Society. Life is always busy!

If you have bear hunt related questions you can reach Nick directly at 705-862-2045

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